Impresa vincente: a beautiful prize

21 Juni 2024
Innovation, Sustainability, Digitalization, and Social Impact are the parameters that have enabled us to be recognized as one of the 10 excellent companies in the Western Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige regions.

Some even call him visionary, but he believes in it so much that he considers it the only way to do business—the only way, at least, that can bring LEAS into the future.
This is Marzio Rossi, our CEO, describing our business model based on values that are solid foundations to leave the world a bit better than we found it, so our children can find a better world.

Marzio talks about what LEAS does for its customers, but especially about the values that guide the company in the market today and help it remain attractive to its stakeholders:

  • INDUSTRY 5.0

Digitalizing processes, continuous training, and taking care of relationships and organizational well-being are key so that people can work better, have more tools, and, most importantly, feel comfortable within the company and continue to feel like an essential part of our project.

What is the main challenge for LEAS?

"At the heart of any successful challenge is communication between people. We have several generations within our company, so the most important factor is that people communicate well with each other. Words have weight, and therefore we invest a lot in good communication among people. Helping each other and collaborating start with good communication: when you can achieve this, any goal can be reached."

Marzio Rossi


Wir sind immer bereit, Ihnen zu zeigen, was wir für Sie tun können

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Seit über 50 Jahren bietet LEAS innovative Lösungen im Bereich der Schweißtechnik und der industriellen Automatisierung.
Wir stehen Ihnen für alle Ihre Bedürfnisse zur Verfügung
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