IT Leas investes in hyper-convergent infrastructure

10 Juni 2022

Enhanced solutions also in the Leas IT area.

In recent years, the growth of the LEAS business has been even more evident as Marco Ortolani, IT Manager of LEAS tells us:

"There are two factors that have determined an even stronger push: the pandemic, which has led to an acceleration in various industrial sectors, and the consequent willingness of the players to invest in new technologies ".

Marco Ortolani

In 2021, LEAS therefore decides to renovate its headquarters on the one hand to make it more collaborative and dynamic and on the other to adopt easier solutions also in the IT field. 

“We have decided not to hide the data center anymore, but on the contrary to place it on sight, so as to become a symbol of our search for innovation for both employees and customers”.

Marco Ortolani

To renew its server-storage infrastructure with the aim of increasing performance, agility and scalability, while making management easier, LEAS relies on Nutanix.

“The choice of the partner was the result of a short phase of analysis of more traditional architectural alternatives, which however did not guarantee such a wide scalability of the systems and the maximum ease of management”

Marco Ortolani.

In a short time LEAS implements a system consisting of three NX 8035 G7 nodes, on which all company applications are handled with the exception of the ERP.

From the first months, we immediately recorded the first results in terms of performance by users and efficiency in infrastructure management, with the cutting of tuning and updating times, leaving more time to other more strategic activities for the company.

In addition to the advantages of the solution in terms of scalability and security, which offers hyperconvergence: the protection domains with automatic snapshots guarantee the protection of corporate data, and allow for more secure business growth "Corporate data protection is a central element for us but also for our partners, companies and multinationals operating in various sectors, from household appliances to HVAC and many others, with whom we regularly develop exclusive projects, where we cannot fail to take into consideration their needs in terms of protection of sensitive data or data covered by industrial secrets" underlines Marco Ortolani ..

Relying on Nutanix marks a new step in LEAS's climate strategy, as Nutanix itself testifies 

"Through the hyperconverged infrastructure technology Nutanix pioneered, our customers experience significant improvements in lowering their carbon footprint by requiring less hardware to run their traditional workloads resulting in a reduction in power and cooling. We are proud to partner with data center industry innovators for our own datacenters who help us to standardize our future-focused model for sustainability in our own hardware usage and consumption of power and cooling by running some of the most efficient and "green" data centers on the planet. "




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