Leas Talent: Interview with Laura Baldan

26 Juni 2024

Laura got to know the antigravity discipline almost by chance, when her trainer asked her to do a test at the gym. Since that day she has never stopped and she tells us why.

We asked Laura if practicing this discipline has brought her changes in the way she sees life.

"Antigravity is a discipline that allows you to move freely, it makes you feel lighter, it makes you defy the force of gravity, to become aware of your abilities and to go beyond the limits that sometimes our mind builds. It gives you the opportunity to take more confidence in yourself.”

Laura talks about commitment, perseverance, patience, which are all things that we have to put into our work every day. So for her, this also helped her to cope better with her work.

“It is necessary for the mind to be in tune with the body, as in the company, if each of us carries out his or her work with passion and commitment, is in tune with collaborators and colleagues and with the company's goals he/she will certainly have personal satisfaction first and foremost, the company will achieve the set goals and above all we will have customer satisfaction."

Thank you Laura for this testimony.


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Leas Talent: Interview with Laura Baldan

Laura got to know the antigravity discipline almost by chance, when her trainer asked her to do a test at the gym. Since that day he has never stopped and he tells us why.

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