Taking care of the planet that is home to our children and future generations. This is our great commitment at LEAS.

This is the origin of our "climate strategy" and our journey built by conscious, responsible and practical action after action that leads us toward this important goal.

There is no more time to just stand by and watch.

Targeted and effective actions are needed in the fight against the climate crisis.

According to the IPCC's AR6 Sixth Assessment Report, released Feb. 28, 2022, human-induced climate change is causing dangerous and widespread disruptions in nature and affecting the lives of billions of people worldwide, despite efforts to reduce risks.

"This report is a dire warning about the consequences of inaction," said Hoesung Lee, the Chair of the IPCC. "It shows that climate change is a serious and growing threat to our well-being and a healthy planet. Our actions today determine how people adapt and how nature responds to the growing risks associated with climate change."

You can participate too, and contribute to make the world a better place.




Measuring our organization's Carbon Footprint commitments, including both direct and indirect emissionsWorld Business Council for Sustainable Development(WBCSD), & World resources Institute (WRI). (2004). Greenhouse gas Protocol: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting St



Mitigate the Co2 emitted into the environment by our organization through specific actions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions into the environment.



Neutralize the Co2 emitted into the environment by our organization through removing the same amount of CO2 from the environment.

Carbon Positive


Not only neutralize CO2 emissions emitted, but help remove additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We have been ISO 14001:2015 certified since 2018.

In 2021 we embarked on a new project in the first half of 2022 to establish our greenhouse gas inventory, based on ISO 14064-1 standards, which will enable us as early as 2023 to take major steps toward emissions mitigation and subsequent Carbon Neutrality.

But our ultimate goal is to contribute increasingly more, by arriving at being Climate Positive in 2035.

CEO Marzio Rossi - January 2022

We activate innovation processes consistent with the 17 objectives indicated by the UNO in the 2030 AGENDA. The Sustainability Profile is one more strategic step in the process of integrating sustainability into our business model that we are pleased to share with you stakeholders.

With the aim of communicating, in the necessary measure to ensure understanding of the company's activity, its results and the impact produced on relevant issues, we consider the Sustainability Profile one of the primary tools for managing and reporting activities and results in the social and environmental field, as well as the principles underlying our actions and our future goals.


Sustainability Profile

We have created a management system to ensure the quality, organizational and sustainability standards to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers.

Leas adopts quality management that refers to pivotal principles that all personnel must adhere to in the performance of their duties. The quality management is aimed at the achievement of top level technical, organizational and management standards and their maintenance according to principles of continuous improvement.

The framework for planning and managing processes, reviewing objectives, and managing risks and opportunities focuses on customer satisfaction, stakeholder trust and involvement, continuous improvement of products and services according to the highest quality standards, optimizing resources, and reducing costs due to waste, shortcomings, and inefficiencies.

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Awareness of environmental issues has led us to activate a plan of behaviors and best practices that minimize the environmental impact of our activities and products throughout their lifecycle, according to the principles of Climate Positive dates may change depending on legal verification..

As part of environmentally friendly management, LEAS is guided by exact principles to which all personnel must adhere when performing their duties. They provide the framework for planning and managing processes, reviewing objectives, and managing risks and opportunities.

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The pursuit of customer satisfaction as well as environmental sustainability guides our choices from the perspective of eco design. It is a proactive, multidisciplinary approach that engages us in an innovative design vision that considers the entire product lifecycle.

Eco design means designing for durability, pursuing principles of lasting aesthetics, for cleaner production and use, with an aim to reuse, recover, and recycle in a virtuous cycle that benefits us, our customers, and the environment.


ISO 9001


ISO 14001

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