Automatic assembly and welding system for accessories on expansion vessels

Case Study
Heating and cooling

The customer

Italian company and international leader in the engineering and production of expansion vessels and autoclaves.

Initial situation

The customer needs to increase the production capacity and flexibility by adopting a 4.0 solution and reducing the number of operators on the stations to dedicate them to activities with greater added value.

The assembly of the expansion vessels with accessories takes place in 3 stations, each assisted by an operator, with dedicated templates according to the different models. The operators take care of the assembly of the accessories on the expansion vessels and of the discharge of the welded vessels. The welding cycle is performed automatically by robot.

Customer needs

Increase productivity

Staff upskilling

Elimination of risk factors for operators

Greater production flexibility (number of models/variants)

Industry 4.0

Leas solution

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The automatic plant now gets 5 instead of 3 models of expansion vessels directly from the assembly and welding line, also supplied by LEAS, which are then manipulated by robot and transfer system. The production cycle is completely automatic: two robots pick up the accessories from specific warehouses and then deposit them on the welding areas, the operator is just one for the three stations and takes care of setting the welding parameters for automatic cycles on the control panel and authorizing the robot gripper change system for picking the various models.

Upskilling human resources +70%

Productivity +20%

Flexibility +70%

"This plant made for the assembly and welding of accessories on expansion vessels has been one more step in customer’s production efficiency process. Great added value great added value in terms of productivity and flexibility has been achieved, but above all the company has been able to dedicate two out of three operators to upskilling paths and to non-risky and higher value activities both for them and for the whole organization."
LEAS Project Team

Why Leas


The choice of the linear automation concept


The selection of technologies and components with high added value


The simplification of the entire production process


Optimized use of automation reduces manipulation to a minimum


The transversal experience gained in many sectors offers innovative solutions with respect to the standards adopted in the specific sector


The sustainability of the proposal from the point of view of the investment and its TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


A single interlocutor for the project with 360° skills


The achievement of the qualitative and efficiency objectives proposed by the customer
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