Domestic Appliance

Leas is a specialist in the design of systems for the production of sinks, ovens, fridge doors, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, as well as refrigerator compressors . The production needs in this sector require the use of different welding processes: resistance (spot, roller, projection), laser welding, arc welding (Mig, Tig, plasma, Saw, Mag) .The Leas strongpoint in the household appliance sector is high-tech welding combined with automation. Attention to continuous technological updating means we are always able to offer flexible solutions with the latest generation of performing products.

High technology solutions for the production realization of household appliances.


The installations can be integrated with identification and handling processes to give competitive responses to the needs that each company may require.

Customization, speeding up, passion: discover the big Leas difference.
Identify the most appropriate technologies to optimize processes and increase the productivity of your company.