Industrial automation and robotics, what are the benefits for the industry?

1 April 2022
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An increasingly timely topic in manufacturing is the labor shortage and skills gap.

In operations, industrial automation offers tangible benefits, but we need to go beyond the technical aspects and look at the opportunities it offers when it comes to people. Automation transforms and optimizes work processes, but it also improves the work environment and the conditions of people who work there.

In recent years, during the pandemic, we have been seeing how automation has enabled faster and more effective responses to the crisis situation, often resulting in cost savings, increased production capacity, and greater customer satisfaction.

Sometimes, however, focusing on short-term demands, without a broad enough vision to build a strategic automation plan for the company, can be risky or it may not bring the benefits of a wider view.

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A good industrial automation and robotics strategy is also a great foundation for developing a growth journey for the worker who has experience, which brings a greater competitive advantage to the company in the long run.

The fact that automation and digital transformation can have negative effects on employment has always been up for debate, but what we have experienced so far teaches us that automation, rather than creating unemployment, transforms work by fostering the development of more skills, with which people will be able to perform activities that are increasingly less dangerous but also increasingly less monotonous.

While it is true that first and foremost industrial automation brings returns on investment in terms of safety, efficiency and  productivity, it would be a shame not to seize as many of the new opportunities it offers human resources. In fact, with an appropriate "skills restructuring" plan, companies will be able to add more value to their human capital and more positive results from employees who are in turn more fulfilled at work.

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The past, present and future are inevitably intertwined, determining the value of everything. We like to tell the story of how we have grown together with our customers over these nearly 50 years and what we are today, mostly thanks to them. But we also really enjoy telling the story of the value of merging experience, expertise and innovation.

The concept of OSMOTIC INNOVATION guides our steadfast steps into the future, and we are bearing the fruit of the diverse experiences we have had in different sectors and applications . . . but there is more.

There is an activity that takes place every day in our company and it involves our Pillars - that's what we like to call the highly experienced people at Leas - who work with the young people who are beginning their journey at LEAS with great dedication.

As many as 5 ITS MECCATRONICO Veneto students have joined the LEAS team in recent months, and we expect 5 more in this first semester.

The gradual placement of trainees alongside colleagues and managers in the technical, operations and Service areas is part of the company's growth strategy, which aims to foster a circular flow of experience, talent, soft skills and a great openness to change.

To date, the applications we have received are all male, but we are counting on the field of technology to attract a growing number of female students to join our team soon.


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