Electrical systems

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Robotic welding, automatic welding equipment and production lines for electrical systems including plate heat exchangers for medium voltage power transformers.

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optimizing process costs

The goal is to optimize process costs with increasingly high-performance materials, extremely precise processing, accurate finishes and safety levels that guarantee a top quality product.

transversal adaptation

Leas' solutions in this area also include automated assembly and welding of plate heat exchangers for medium voltage power transformers, with automated systems that can include cutting, blanking and surface finishing technologies.

In collaboration with the world's leading power transformer manufacturers, Leas is developing advanced manufacturing processes using new materials and new technologies.

experience and complete solutions

Our decades-long collaboration with strategic partners in the industry allows us to supply complete solutions for the production of transformer cases, starting from the sheet metal coil and the welding of the flaps and the subsequent product assembly operations in a completely automatic way.

what are the most suitable welding techniques for the electrical systems industry and in particular for power transformers?

Integrated robotic welding systems enable the joining of components in a fully automatic way by using machines and/or industrial robots.

Resistance welding, MIG/MAG welding, TIG and laser are the technologies commonly used in these applications.

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