Heating systems

Production flexibility at the highest level.

Robotic welding, automatic welding systems and production lines for heating and cooling systems such as expansion vessels, boilers, plate radiators (steel or panel radiators), tubular radiators and designer radiators, and water heaters in general.

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Resource Optimization

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Flexibility and service as a competitive advantage. The goal is to meet the constantly evolving technical requirements, to increase productivity and optimize process costs.

This industry requires extremely customized solutions, with differentiated technologies and automations even for products that are structurally similar but have different production needs.


From panel radiator production plants, which thanks to LEAS solutions and their integration into Intelligent Factory 4.0 systems have brought about benefits of up to 300% in terms of increased productivity and 200% in lower operating and energy costs; to plants for heating systems, where the level of automation and customization has exceeded expectations in terms of performance and flexibility, with an extremely competitive project cost.

There are almost a hundred LEAS systems installed all over the world in this industry, which make products with very different characteristics and purposes.

What are the best welding techniques for the heating and cooling industry?

Welding systems and robotics cells join components in a fully automatic way by using machines and/or industrial robots.

Resistance welding (spot, roller, projection), MIG/MAG welding, TIG, and laser welding are the technologies commonly used in the production of heating and cooling systems.

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