W2W Manufacturing

We simplify your production of semi-finished products, and we enhance your Value Chain.

Wall2Wall Manufacturing is an innovative methodology in the industry, but above all a technological, process and organizational innovation.

a partner who is directly involved and integrated

A business model that goes beyond simply providing technology solutions, it sees Leas as a directly involved and integrated partner in the production of semi-finished products, in a vertical manner in the customer's value chain.

This has enabled us to achieve a considerable position in the international arena, as the vertical integration of our activities creates an attractive value proposition for customers. At the same time, this methodology allows some of that value to be shared through common growth and strong loyalty.

It is a shared strategy of value creation and distinctive growth that combines and integrates customer logistics and value chains and R&D investments and is based on a partnership development process.

simplifing production

An "end-to-end" solution with a "wall-to-wall" production process that absorbs strategic Supply Chain processes, with the goal of simplifying production, having greater control over the production processes of semi-finished, often outsourced, and finished product. A system that also leads to closing skills gaps that are often the cause of inefficiencies and increased costs during production.

Leas Industrial represents the first successful case in LEAS SpA's Wall2Wall Manufacturing philosophy. Established in 2004 in Joinville, Santa Catarina in Brazil, it is engaged in the production of refrigeration components and has close collaborations of nearly two decades with multinational companies in the domestic appliance industry.

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For over 50 years LEAS has been providing innovative solutions in the field of welding and industrial automation.
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