The wide range of solutions applied in more than 40 years of experience distinguishes us in the creation of systems, dedicated machines and turnkey solutions in various application sectors: household appliances, storage, heating, automotive industry and in more specific sectors such as the production of power transformers.

All the solutions are scalable to offer high levels of performance and productivity as we are able to adapt the automation level, add in-line welding units, updating existing machines to increasingly advanced technological levels.

We always find the right solution for each application. This is why, when innovation and expertise in welding processes and industrial automation are required, Leas is recognized as a partner company by the world's major customers.

Automation And Robot Solutions

Automation solutions for the most varied productivity and flexibility needs.

Domestic Appliance

High technology solutions for the production realization of household appliances.


Solutions for the production of industrial metal furnishings for storage in the logistics and distribution sector, in particular industrial racking, furniture and filing cabinets for specific warehouse and storage needs.


Solutions for the production of plate radiators (Steel or panel radiator), tubular radiators and designer radiators, water heaters and expansion tanks.

Power Transformers

Solutions for the production of boxes for medium voltage transformers using resistance and Mig welding.

Welding Components

In Leas solutions, welding components are of fundamental importance: this is why they are designed and built within the company.