Advanced welding technologies

Industrial welding is at the very heart of the Leas business

For more than 40 years, what has set us apart is our ability to apply increasingly advanced technologies for the continuous renewal of metal welding processes.


At Leas we are oriented toward the most innovative and challenging projects in integrated industrial automation and special machines for welding and assembly of sheet metal components and products.

The automations are custom and include individual systems, robotics welding and assembly cells and production lines.

LEAS automation solutions address different industries and applications, united by the common philosophy of the 4Ps: precision, productivity, protection, payback.


The focus today gravitates toward finding new solutions to join together materials, sometimes different from each other because we need to work in various fields, and also toward the indispensable knowledge of weldable metals and traditional and innovative alloys. There are many processes currently available that differ in technology, complexity of application and, not the least of which, sustainability and results that need to be achieved.

  • Identifying the most appropriate welding technique to optimize processes, achieving the intended result while increasing quality and productivity,
  • Combining different materials to use them in different fields and applications, through certified and sustainable processes ranging from graffing, brazing, arc welding, TIG welding, and up to new fusion welding methods,

all require knowledge and skills, which are prerequisites that make our design teams stand out.

Resistance welding

When productivity matters.

Stud Welding

When speed is important.

Capacitive discharge welding

When saving energy is worth it.

Arc welding

When you can count on multiple solutions.

Laser welding

When precision is key.


When versatility is essential.


When you need an innovative and sustainable process.

automation and robotics

When precision is key.
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For over 50 years LEAS has been providing innovative solutions in the field of welding and industrial automation.
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