Arc welding

When you can count on multiple solutions.

Submerged Arc Welding - SAW

SAW guarantees a high quality and consistency of the weld joint. It is used when long flat or front angle welding is required and even to join thick sheets, when a considerable amount of filler material s required. One field of application is the welding of containers, tanks, high or medium pressure gas cylinders. 

Inert and active gas welding - MIG/MAG

Commonly called continuous "Wire" welding, it is mainly used to join all kinds of metals, such as carbon steels, aluminum alloys, titanium, and much more. "Wire" welding is the most common. This process in recent years has made great strides in technological development while retaining the simplicity of application by being able to employ it in both manual and automatic processes. The highly automated MIG/MAG offers the advantage of high quality and solidity of welding, which is great when joining components and structural profiles, such as industrial shelving supports, both light and heavy carpentry, frames and doors, machine assemblies, and much more.

Arc welding with infusible tungsten electrode - TIG

This technology comes from the aeronautical industry, and it is used to weld all kinds of metal. It is particularly suitable for components where aesthetic results are critical, such as in the household appliance sector - for example, welding stainless steel sinks -, often applied to weld designer products with highly impactful aesthetics. TIG welding is used in joining metals with reduced thickness, as it ensures end results that are very resistant.

Plasma Welding - PAW

It is the technological evolution of TIG, used in industries where low power output is required. Allows welding of carbon and low-alloy steels, stainless steels, copper alloys, nickel, cobalt and titanium. It has top aesthetic qualities, does not require extensive set-up and maintenance time, and eliminates the need for subsequent procedures to clean the welding area.


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Multiple solutions

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Typical applications

Domestic Appliance

Stainless steel sinks and decor

Heating systems


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