Resistance welding

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what is resistance welding?

Resistance welding is the process of joining two metal parts. Joining is performed by passing current (Joule heating) through two electrodes. Due to the heat and force exerted between the two electrodes, fusion of the two metal parts takes place.

In order to achieve excellent welding results, we must consider some fundamental parameters, namely:

  • the type of metals that are being joined, and their thicknesses
  • the amount of energy required for the welding process
  • the welding time
  • the welding force

Depending on the application requirements, resistance welding has a few basic variants:

  • spot welding
  • continuous roller weldinGg
  • projection welding
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Our decades of experience has enabled Leas to successfully develop innovative technological applications such as joining carbon steel with copper alloys.

For resistance welding management, the choice of welding components and mastery of the process is important. For this reason, Leas has been manufacturing controllers, transformers, inverters and electronic components in-house for over thirty years, so that we can have complete independence in application selections.


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Typical applications

Domestic Appliance



Industrial furniture


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