High Accuracy Robotic Welding Cell

Case Study

The customer

The company, which commissioned us to design the project, is the reference technological partner for metalworking: from the product idea, to the design and prototypingindustrialisation, to the organization of the production phases.

Initial situation

The customer requires a new flexible welding station that guarantees maximum precision and reduction of setup times in the transition between virtual and real programming, rapid tool change as production varies, especially on small batches per family.

Customer needs

Increased productivity

Increased production flexibility

High welding accuracy

Integrated system industry 4.0

Leas solution

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AkuWeld is the most used by metalwork manufacturers.

Self-calibration through ABB - BullsEye® and absolute robot - continuous accuracy & repeatability without reporgramming operations.

Robostudio offline programming: high productivity, cost-efficient and flexible production for smaller scale & programming cost reduction.

“The double station machine is engineered to guarantee the elimination of vibrations on the workstations and the maximum precision and repeatability even in the most delicate welding processes such as TIG, Plasma and Laser. Double station solutions allow loading/unloading and setup operations to be done in parallel, improving production times.

Cell programming is optimized thanks to virtualization and calibration through the modern Offline RoboStudio system, which allows the robot to operate without interruptions due to the programming of new products. Precision is guaranteed by the sturdy carpentry structure machined with a machine tool, by the use of an Absolute industrial anthropomorphic robot, i.e. with maximum reduction of errors in its axes directly from the factory, and by the use of rapid tooling systems which allow not having to fix the existing program once it's back in production."
Project Team LEAS

Why Leas


The choice of the linear automation concept


The eco-friendly policy takes into account energy consumption and CO2 emissions from processing


The simplification of the entire production process


A long-term partnership


The transversal experience gained in many sectors offers innovative solutions with respect to the standards adopted in the specific sector


The sustainability of the proposal from the point of view of the investment and its TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


A single interlocutor for the project with 360° skills


The achievement of the qualitative and efficiency objectives proposed by the customer
Desde hace más de 50 años, LEAS ofrece soluciones innovadoras en el campo de la soldadura y la automatización industrial.
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