The Industry 5.0 model according to Leas

15 Março 2023
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People, sustainable technology and resilience in robotics automation Made in LEAS. 

In a scenario of rapid and profound transformations, industry is pursuing not only digital transformation and advanced robotic process automation but also resilience, sustainability and the centrality of people. These are the pillars of Industry 5.0, a new industrial paradigm born from concrete needs, which LEAS, which is a pioneer of Made in Italy innovation, has embraced.

To make them known to its customers and partners, LEAS sponsored the publication of the book "Industry 5.0 – Introductory Guide to the fifth industrial revolution", a project by Editoriale Delfino and Armando Martin, to which LEAS contributed with a chapter dedicated to its values, vision, people and methods.

Federico Bugno presented the book at the ISH 2023 exhibition in Frankfurt.


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AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY interviews Marzio Rossi

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A new milestone in the Leas climate strategy

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Há mais de 50 anos a LEAS fornece soluções inovadoras na área de soldagem e automação industrial
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