Automatic system for the assembly of plastic profiles on metal doors for refrigerators

Case Study
household appliances

The customer

Multinational company operating in the household appliance sector.

Initial situation

The customer needs to automate the entire production process by implementing an automatic system for the application of plastic heads on the doors of aluminum refrigerators to make the process faster, more precise and flexible in the production of different models completely independently.

Customer needs

High productivity

Greater production flexibility

Reduced risks for operators

Reduced operating costs


Leas solution

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The plant is divided into three main areas:

  1. The warehouse area, where a series of transports advance the pallets of warheads that are used to feed the handling robots
  2. The control and centering area of the heads, which consists of a centering bench and a manipulator robot that collects the head from the external pallet and performs the centering before assembly
  3. The assembly area, where a second robot assembles the header on the door in a single, fast and precise movement

Production of 4 doors per minute

Two-dimensional vision system on-board robot

"The constant collaboration between our technicians and the customer was a fundamental point for the success of this plant, especially to make the product suitable for the automation phases and to decide the final layout of the plant, in line with the space available in the plant."
Paolo Bellato Project Manager & Software Developer LEAS

Why Leas


Choosing a linear automation concept


Selecting technologies and components with high added value


Simplifying the entire production process


A long-term partnership


Cross-industry experience in multiple sectors offers innovative solutions compared to the standards adopted in the specific industry


The sustainability of the proposal from the perspective of the investment and its TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


A single point of contact for the project, who has all-encompassing expertise


The achievement of the quality and efficiency goals envisioned by the customer
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