Production line for hermetic compressors

Case Study
Domestic Appliance

The customer

The international group that this division belongs to is a leading manufacturer of motors.

The division employs more than 15,000 people in 9 countries and specializes in energy-efficient refrigeration equipment and solutions in the domestic and commercial food preservation industry.

Initial situation

The customer has 3 production lines in this plant and needs to increase its production capacity by 30 percent.

Customer needs

Increase plant productivity by 30 percent

Decrease the product production cycle time by 20% (from 7.2 to 6 sec)

Reduce risks to personnel

Reduce operating costs

Production flexibility

Line management flexibility


Leas solution

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The achievement of the goals without design changes is due to the scrupulous attention to each and every detail during the analysis and research stage, and the simulations carried out during this stage in order to optimize and refine each automation movement and system layout.

Staff optimization +60%, only 2 operators on line

Annual production of compressors INCREASED BY 40%

We could say that what made us most proud of this project was exceeding the customer's expectations in being able to combine very high productivity and flexibility of the installed system. In fact, the most exciting aspect was the team spirit that dominated the project development as a whole. Four teams on three different continents, often times with very different visions, styles and methods, were able to embrace each other's different point of view as an element of continuous enrichment.
LEAS Project Team

Why Leas


Choosing a flexible automation concept


Selecting technologies and components with high added value


Simplifying the entire production process


Optimized use of automation, minimizing manipulation


Cross-industry experience in multiple sectors offers innovative solutions compared to the standards adopted in the specific industry


The sustainability of the proposal from the perspective of the investment and its TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


A single point of contact for the project, who has all-encompassing expertise


The achievement of the quality and efficiency goals envisioned by the customer
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