Leas Talent: interview to Davide Zaniolo

27 9月 2023

"Strength, endurance, balance, but also confidence, courage and fear, to keep focus and take care of all the little things to stay safe... In climbing you are never alone, you are always in pairs and therefore the certainty of having someone beside you, a climbing companion who trusts you and whom you trust is a something essential."

I think climbing has really changed my lifestyle because you are always inclined to stay in nature and therefore at some point you feel the need to spend time outside in contact with nature, in contact with the rock. They are sensations that come to you and that you can no longer do without. You always want to discover new things, you want to test yourself. Climbing does a bit of this, it makes you reach your limit, then that's where you learn to know yourself and learn to overcome your limits, it's an experience that gives you a lot of courage and also makes you face things in everyday life differently.

Davide Zaniolo



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