Automatic welding and assembly system for electrical transformers, electrical boxes and corrugated panels

Case Study
Electrical systems

The customer

The company is specialized in the construction of carpentry for electrical power and distribution transformers, electrical boxes and corrugated walls in the renewable energy sector.

Initial situation

The customer needs to replace one of its welding line to fully automate the production process, increasing its efficiency, flexibility and precision.

Customer needs

High productivity

Greater production flexibility

Reduced risks for operators

Reduced operating costs


Leas solution

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This welding and assembly line allows the production of a large number of corrugated walls in a fully automatic way, even larger than those present on the market until now.

The construction of the new line also saw the redesign of the production logics, in order to increase product quality, reduce maintenance operations and increase safety for operators.

The conveyor systems are designed to contribute to the reduction of cycle time by obtaining a good buffer of workpieces and a reduction in crossing times between welding machines.

The resistance welding technology with mobile grippers allows maximum flexibility in the production of products of different sizes without the need for manual positioning operations.

The system is equipped with a panel packing station with a special quadrature system that simplifies the process and guarantees maximum precision in the creation of complete panels, without the risk of "accordion" effects.

"The collaboration with this customer has been going on for twenty years and continues to this day, with the desire of both to design and implement cutting-edge solutions for this sector. This system has brought greater efficiency, precision and safety and at the same time a flexibility never seen before in the management of different sizes of product."
Project Team LEAS

Why Leas


Choosing a linear automation concept


Selecting technologies and components with high added value


Simplifying the entire production process


Optimized use of automation minimizes manipulation


Cross-industry experience in multiple sectors offers innovative solutions compared to the standards adopted in the specific industry


The sustainability of the proposal from the perspective of the investment and its TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


A single point of contact for the project, who has all-encompassing expertise


The achievement of the quality and efficiency goals envisioned by the customer
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