Assembly and welding line for wire mesh perimeter panels

Case Study
Civil and industrial furniture

The customer

A manufacturer of perimeter protection systems, with production sites in Italy, France, United States, Germany and Japan, it is part of a world leader in the sector. The company's philosophy is focused on environmental sustainability, innovation and high quality standards.

Initial situation

The customer's existing automation does not offer the flexibility needed for the production of different products and a productivity in line with market demand, mainly due to long and expensive set-up times of the line.

The customer needs to acquire a new line that guarantees greater flexibility keeping a high level of productivity and a more efficient management of a greater number of models and batches, even of small quantities.

In addition, acquiring the new line, the customer aims to increase the quality and safety of the product made, through a specific "heavy" welding process without the need for further processing on the welded pieces.

Customer needs



Higher quality of the weld and of the finished product

Increased safety at work

Industry 4.0 integration

Leas solution

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The production line system assure high quality finishing and maximum safety during the assembly.

+50% productivity

+85% flexibility

“This is the first supply to this customer, but the level of mutual trust achieved has allowed us to move from being a technology partner to be his general contractor. This has been a great achievement for us. We are extremely satisfied with the result we got in terms of performance as we achieved both the goal of efficiency and versatility required by the customer. In addition, the experience gained in a different sector has made possible to apply an innovative technology for this manufacturing process, that allowed us to both eliminate expensive processing and to significantly increase the quality of the finished product.“
Project Team LEAS

Why Leas


Choosing a linear automation concept


Selecting technologies and components with high added value


Simplifying the entire production process


A long-term partnership


Cross-industry experience in multiple sectors offers innovative solutions compared to the standards adpoted in the specific industry


The sustainability of the proposal from the perspective of the investment and its TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


A single point of contact for the project, who has all-encompassing expertise


The achievement of the quality and efficiency goals envisioned by the customer
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