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The purpose of LEAS is to contribute to a sustainable future, in step with the goals of the 2030 Agenda and international protocols for Sustainable Development.


We shape technology to achieve the most challenging goals.
We design and implement solutions that drive sustainable growth in the Metal Industry supply chain.

Unique industrial automations that perfect welding and assembly processes, maximize efficiency in repetitive and hazardous operations, and make the work environment of global industry safer.

Robotic solutions and integrated services are part of our industrial automation systems and turnkey projects in a variety of industries.


The unique qualities of LEAS also derive from our skills in different sectors, which, when applied transversally, transfer innovation and value in an osmotic manner.

Skills and experiences flow amongst project team members who gather relevant information - by osmosis - that turns into insights and new ideas to improve customer processes in innovative ways.


LEAS Academy was launched thanks to our decades of experience. A hybrid space, where all the know-how gained day by day globally becomes an opportunity to share skills and ideas, grow and work together. A signature training course from our trainers and industry experts.

A training area that introduces the best technologies, and more. Topics cover all areas of business, from technical (welding, robotics), legal and machine norms, technical-sales (design and simulation), organization, processes, quality, and, last but not least, soft skills.

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Talent, teamwork, integrity, attention to detail, open innovation and sustainability.

Talent refers to our best resources, our human capital. Teamwork refers to the ability of our talent to work together in a way that is functional to the goal at hand. Integrity is the ethic that permeates every behavior and action, at the company and for our stakeholders. Attention to detail refers to the ability to leave nothing to chance, both technically in our solutions as well as in interpersonal relationships. Open innovation is the open culture to achieve excellence.

Sustainability is the transversal element of every project: environmental, economic and social. Reducing environmental impact through technology and operational best practices, competitive advantages for our customers, improvement of working conditions, and enhancement of human capital are our priorities.


Leas is an industrial automation company founded in 1973 in San Giorgio in Bosco, in the province of Padua. We now have 130 employees, 3 production facilities with about 15,000 square meters of production space, and a network of partnerships around the world, where our technical teams provide continuous remote and on-site service.

More than 1,000 systems are installed at major international groups, including individual automated welding systems, integrated production lines, and turnkey industrial automation and robotics solutions.

We have more than 45 years of innovation, expertise and technological know-how, which today places our company in the role of "ambassador of innovation" in the industrial automation sector.

In recent years, Leas has integrated a "Roboticsbusiness unit, dedicated to the research of solutions, development and implementation of robotic industrial automation based on the safe, fast and precise execution of repetitive operations.

The world of welding, automation and robotics is a challenge that fascinates us every day, pushing us to find tailored solutions for each customer in the most diverse sectors, in order to meet all of their needs the best way possible.


Leas Industrial was established in 2004 in Joinville - Santa Catarina in Brazil and it represents the first successful case in the philosophy of Wall2Wall Manufacturing of LEAS SpA.

LEAS Industrial was set up to work alongside an important multinational company in the domestic appliance sector and it works with the production of refrigeration components.

To date, Leas Industrial has a strong and nearly 20-year-long partnership with several multinational companies, during which it has expanded its product portfolio to meet the specific needs of partners, ensuring constant flexibility and continuous innovation.

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For over 50 years LEAS has been providing innovative solutions in the field of welding and industrial automation.
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