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Project after project, the LEAS Method has come to life. It is a unique and original system that focuses on people and operational excellence, such as a passion for technology, performance, and design, but, above all, an attention to detail in order to create unique solutions that effectively improve our customers' production processes and the work of their human capital.


Preview the potential and accuracy of LEAS solutions.

Previewing a project, before it takes shape, has enabled our customers to fully appreciate the quality and top technology of LEAS systems, even before they have them installed in their factories. It also instills peace of mind regarding their investment choice.

Virtual reality systems as well as robotic simulation systems, which are used by LEAS teams throughout the design phase, perfectly control the automations and movements in all aspects and thus also preview how the robots will interact with the production line.

This system supports LEAS design and engineering teams as they define the automation concept in order to make it completely linear, efficient, and safe from the outset, avoiding costly errors and wasted time and resources in the design and construction phase of solutions.


Analysis and testing for certain result.

Set up with robotic welding equipment in different technologies (fiber laser, MIG, CMT, resistance), the test area is available to LEAS customers for all testing activities.

Analysis and testing are key steps throughout the development of a project, enabling us to identify the most appropriate solution from the outset and avoiding critical issues as well as needing increasingly more time in the implementation and start-up of automatic welding equipment. By using the webcam, our technicians and customers can view tests in real time, onsite and remotely.


Analysis is the best way to learn about one's work.

In our metrology room, we use numerous instruments that perform destructive and nondestructive tests on the products and processes of our production lines, as well as metrology checks on the instruments.

The room has a: dynamometer press, microscope, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), switch disconnector for welding control, manual press for welding composition analysis.

The equipment is used by our laboratory teams for calibration control and verification activities as well as processing compliance according to the highest standards, fully guaranteeing our customers' satisfaction.


The smallest detail of every project.

In the initial project stages, our design team uses 3D technology to design the even the most complex project down to the smallest detail. The team employs specialized engineers and designers to manage complex technical content, supported by state-of-the-art proprietary hardware and software tools.

The entire computational process for generating drawings and images is completely managed in-house. This results in complete protection of sensitive or trade secret-protected data.


Information is power.

By integrating, interconnecting and reusing data in a circular manner, we can increase our efficiency, decrease our waste, and reduce the impact on the environment.

The Industry 4.0 model consists of enabling technologies that are "knowledge-intensive and associated with high levels of Research & Development, rapid innovation cycles, substantial investment expenditures and highly skilled jobs" as defined by the European Commission.

From collaborative robotics and intelligent and interconnected automations to virtual reality to support manufacturing processes, enabling technologies work alongside companies in their technology and digital transformation to take a huge step toward process optimization and waste reduction.

Quality of the final product, flexibility, and the ability to respond quickly to market changes and manage them effectively are some of the major advantages that lead to increased customer satisfaction and brand value.

We have supported the innovation of many companies in the manufacturing sector by digitizing the production system, connecting machines and automations to centralize the monitoring and control of the entire production process.


It has never been easier to program the right welding parameters and keep the process under control!

IRON is a WebApp developed by our welding R&D team that contains nearly 50 years of welding process know-how and a profound knowledge of common problems that might be encountered by welding operators.

With a modern and very simple and intuitive interface, it is easy to set up and to continuously control welding parameters and it logs data and process history.


Predictive analytics uses historical data to predict future events.

i-FOR is the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) developed by our R&D team that monitors operating parameters and appropriate mathematical models to predict the remaining time before operating irregularities occur, and it enables management of plant and equipment maintenance by proposing "overhaul," "parts replacement," or "servicing" prior to failure.

This makes it possible to plan "downtime" for maintenance operations and schedule them at the most appropriate times, thereby optimizing the use of equipment and resources in full compliance with World Class Manufacturing (WCM) guidelines.

With an integrated analysis of historical data and current data detecting machines, the predictive mathematical model is able to derive the most important trends to predict future events and recommend the necessary measures that need to be taken to achieve optimal results.

The ultimate goal of Big Data and Machine Learning, as the technology develops, can in fact only be aimed at the continuous efficiency of systems, which includes reducing down time and minimizing waste.

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