Intelligent solutions for industrial automation

22 March 2024
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Innovations for plant automation and digitalization.

This week IFM Truck in its IFM 2024 roadshow "Driven By Innovation" made a stop at LEAS.

An in-depth  day with IFM specialists on technologies with practical demos on specific applications.
In the mobile showroom, we saw first-hand the latest IFM solutions for factory 4, automation and digitalization:

IO-Link and Industry 4.0 solutions
Condition Based Maintenance
Smart Sensors
System Solutions
Machine Vision Solutions

Within our GrowHub area, in-depth seminars were held on key issues for the smart and sustainable factory:

IO-Link Technology: Integration from Testing to Service
• Advantages of IO-Link technology
• Application architecture
• Separation of automation from IT for cybersecurity optimization

Smart Machine Vision Solutions for Quality Control
• 2D vision sensors
• 1D measurement and time-of-flight (ToF) 3D vision sensors
• Detection by laser technology: profilometer

Contact us for more information on our systems equipped with these innovative technologies.


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For over 50 years LEAS has been providing innovative solutions in the field of welding and industrial automation.
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