Why does LEAS exist?

5 January 2024
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The speech of our CEO, Marzio Rossi during the 50th anniversary event of the industrial automation company.

“Hello everyone! Thank you for being here, for accepting the invitation to come to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Leas.
Some time ago, Mr. Toyota, Toyota”s chairman, asked his staff: Why does Toyota exist? If he wondered, I can ask myself too.

Why does Leas exist?
The answer is as simple as it is true: Leas exists because Leas” customers exist.
Because for 18250 days there have been customers who have come to Leas, who have placed orders with us, who have bought machines, services and who have been satisfied with what we have done.

They were satisfied with the mechanical design we did, the electrical designs, software, the construction of the mechanical parts, the carpentry, the mechanical assembly, the electrical assembly of the panels, the testing, the installation. But they were also satisfied with the way we communicated with them, we sent them the invoices, the different communications, they were satisfied with the way the external consultants advised us on the right formulas in the contracts, they were satisfied with what we have been doing for fifty years. So I wanted to say that tonight”s dinner is not so much about the fifty years of Leas, but it is a thank you to you for all that you have done, for the value you have given to this name. Thank you, thank you.

Certainly, all this was possible thanks to a person who fifty years ago with courage, with resourcefulness and starting from three fundamental principles on which he based to start Leas.
I feel I must say them this evening.
The first was, I don”t speak any language, so I go and sell systems around the world.
The second was Leas, it started in the garage of my house, I only have 3 kW, so I build 500 kW welding machines.
The third was we are in 1973-74 probably the most serious period of an oil crisis, when the period was really very difficult, there was no money and I set up my own business and took risks.
I think that those who had the courage to do this, they deserve a huge round of applause.

Dad, do you want to say something?
Look, I can interpret what he means, so I”ll tell you. He”s thinking about three things. One can be said, two I say the same but he”s just thinking about them.
So what I can say is "thank you, I”m really pleased and I”m very excited about all this". The second one that can”t be said so much is "It”s a nice party but let”s go to sleep early, that I get sleepy later than half past nine". And the other thing is, "I”ll see you tomorrow morning all in Leas at half past seven." And I would like to add one thing, since there are the mayors and also the consultants, they will also come tomorrow morning, we will make a board of auditors, we will have a board of directors so that we will save time, because these things must be done in a spare time 😊.”


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